Reading through old messages and coming across old photos and memories Ahhh :(

Anonymous: I love you, please stay strong and keep fighting. It gets better x

I really hope to believe you on this one, although I have a high regard of doubt to this year being shitty. Although I do appreciate the message of support and I’m glad to know that some people actually take the time out to be positive and to message me even at my darkest moments x

Anonymous: What's it like knowing that your life has turned to shit, And that you have nothing good to show for anything. You lost your girlfriend (ex) and you have nobody now must make life great HAHAHAHA!

Why did you feel the need to send me this??? Does it make you feel big for messaging me this on anonymous… Not sure if u know me on a personal level, Or just doing this for a reaction but either way ” You should never go full retard ” better still just say what u have to say like words can hurt me. I’ve honestly dealt with a life time of issues anyway so whatever helps you sleep at night…. CUNT

Anonymous: Do you drink lean? (purple sprite) Just as I've seen a few times you've mentioned it, is it any good. Personally I do think you are a dick for harming yourself

It takes away the pain, All the problems and difficulties I face seem to fade away. Even if it’s for a little while. Not much to say about it really and it’s most definitely a big deal.

Anonymous: What happened to you and your girlfriend?

Ex? I don’t want to talk about it. Bringing up such a subject has no point as it still hurts but clearly she has moved on and is now pregnant. Good luck to her

If you are enquiring about anybody else I would have no clue as haven’t been in a relationship for a year now

Anonymous: I need you right now... Promise me you won't go nowhere!! :(

Who is this? And why do you need me surely I’d be aware if I knew you well but judging by this I can’t exactly say or do anything. As for going anywhere, life will choose it’s course and if things happen well then that’s how it’ll be otherwise until things become more clearer I’ll stay hazy

Left with nothing but shattered hopes and dreams… Maybe time to just let everything go and end it on a high… No Fight left and I will go down without a fight because I’m done